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Poorly prepared food

A wedding is an event that is quite festive with plenty of food and drinks. It is a time to celebrate and make merry. This can however become a health hazard if the Indian wedding reception Singapore leaves guests falling sick because of the food they ate. No one will remember the dancing or the happy faces of the groom and bride. All they will remember about the even was the food that made them sick. It is therefore important for you to ensure that when choosing a reception venue, you also ensure you have a reputable service provider that is known to exercise care when it comes to handling of food.

Inadequate sitting space

indian wedding venues

It is important to remember that people of different heights attend Indian wedding reception Singapore. You should not determine sitting space based on your height. The space given for each person should be ideal for people of different weights and heights. An uncomfortably seated guest will definitely keep counting the minutes and may possibly leave before the end of the event because he will not be able to stand the discomfort for very long.

Uncomfortable seats and table heights

Some people simply go for the furniture offered without considering the implications at the time of renting them. It is important that not all business people consider the comfort of your guests but this is something that should concern you when renting seats and tables you will use for the Indian wedding reception Singapore. The tables you choose need to be of a comfortable height especially if guests will be using them for their dining needs. The seats should also be comfortable enough for guests to seat for the duration you expect the wedding to last without feeling the need to stand constantly because of the discomfort.