The backpacker’s paradise – An apt destination for solo travelers

backpacker hotel bangkok,

Bangkok the name is only sufficient for the any backpackers to take a wonderful trip and to create memories down the lane. Every year you see an increase of visitors to Bangkok. Around 20 million of people visit Bangkok every year. According to a survey conducted by Forbes, Bangkok is the most travelled city other than London, Paris and Singapore.The backpackers need not need to worry of accommodation or hostel as they are available in large. Let us look at the best backpacker hostel Bangkok.

Attributes of a perfectbackpacker hostel

The backpacker need to really look at the location before you book a hostel.

The backpacker also needs to look at the price. Bangkok is a less expensive city but due to its Thai Standards it can be considered slightly expensive.

backpacker hotel bangkok,

You need to also look at the amenities provided by the hostels. Internet is the basic need of today’s world. WiFi is free but what matters is the connection service, the connection need to be better to stay connected with the world and so within the city.

It won’t be tough for the backpackers to find the best hostels in Bangkok. What important is to find the good one. Below listed are some of the best hostels in Bangkok based on their services and offers:

  1. The Diff Hostel: The Diff Hostel is the best hostels one can consider off. The design is really good with decent price. You have free lockers and also free breakfast been provided. It is located right at the heart of the Bangkok. This allows the backpackers to visit beautiful places with comfort.
  2. Good’ uck Hostel: The Good’ uck Hostel is one of its kind for the solo travellers. Good’ uckHostel is located at Silom Bangkok. It has a rooftop terrace, café and bar.
  3. Dreamcatcher Bangkok: This hostel is for those backpackers who cannot afford to much to spend. a lowbudget hostels. It provides free breakfast. You can make new friends or hangout with them at the roof top café.
  4. Playground Hostels: The Playground Hostel is basically for party. So the backpackers who are found of party can definitely look at it.
  5. NirasBankocCultural Hostel: The NirasBankoc Cultural Hostel in Bangkok provides you with a private room.